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The Review Center is where you can survey all of the features of Typing Instructor Platinum Web. You can take a tour of this innovative web-based typing program or click the Get Started button below to review the Typing plans and features of the Management Center.

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  • Review the Typing Plans – there are 20 complete & unique Typing Plans!
  • Explore the three adventure themes; world travel, time travel, and safari. Users select a travel theme for their learning adventure.
  • Try a Typing Plan, including the lessons, tests, activities, and games.
  • Evaluate all of the Administrator Tools in the Management Center. See how easy it is to track results and activities for each Typist.
  • Visit the Typing Games Arcade to sample a game. Review the game settings. These are uniquely designed to help Typists practice just the keys they have learned.
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About Typing Instructor Platinum

Typing Instructor Platinum was developed and Published by Individual Software — based on our award-winning* desktop and network product, Typing Instructor. Our Typing Programs have won numerous awards for their entertaining content and educational design. Typing Instructor Platinum follows the keyboarding standards outlined by the National Education Technology Standards (NETS).

Typist begin their learning by selecting from one of three adventures; world travel, time travel, or safari.

Typists can choose from 20 Typing Plans!

Typing games, like Ziggy, are uniquely designed to help Typists practice just the keys they have learned!

The Management Center offers full features for Districts, Schools, and Classes. Training videos, guides, and on-site training is available.

Educational Design - Easy to Use!

Typing Instructor Platinum makes learning to type easy and fun! The intuitive navigation guides Typists through each step of the course. The program interface gives typists instant feedback on their typing accuracy and speed so they always know how they are performing. They may take a break at any time to play a game in the Typing Games Arcade or select a practice activity.

Choose From 20 Typing Plans!

Typing Instructor Platinum offers 20 Comprehensive Typing Plans. Typists or Instructors may select the perfect plan to meet their personal or class typing requirements. Each plan provides step-by-step learning with lessons, tests, exercises, and games.

Typing Games Arcade

Typists can play all of the games in the Arcade with just the keys they have learned. This feature is unique to Typing Instructor Platinum. Games are designed to improve typing skills, including speed, accuracy, rhythm, and finger-to-key memory. Multiple game settings allow all typists to enjoy games at their own pace and skill level.

Premium Management Center for Schools & School Districts

The Premium Management Center was designed to serve the needs of our largest School Districts. All features focus on making it easy for educators at all levels to manage both single schools and Districts with multiple schools. There are three levels of management for districts, schools, and classes with a streamlined import feature. Management for Districts & Schools
  • Three Levels of Management for Districts, Schools, and Classes
  • Import Five Ways with Preset Excel Templates
  • Export Detailed Student Reports to Microsoft Excel for Customization
  • Enhanced User Interface
  • Easy Administrator Password Management
Key Features & Benefits
  • First Class Typing Solution
  • Private Label with Unique Web Address, Name, Logo & Colors
  • Meets Standards for: NETS/ISTE, Common Core, Smarter Balanced & PARCC
  • No Software to Install or Maintain
  • Comprehensive Video Training


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  1. Online learning 24/7/365 from any location
  2. No software to install or maintain
  3. Proven educational typing techniques
  4. Aligned with national keyboarding standards
  5. Easy for instructors to manage Typists & classes
  6. 20 Complete & unique Typing Plans
  7. Typist can choose from Three Exciting Travel Adventures
  8. Engaging practice materials
  9. Entertaining Typing Games Arcade
  10. Measurement tools & reports for instructors
Keyboarding is one of the most useful skills we teach our students. It can be boring and dry. When I saw Typing Instructor, it stood out from all of the other programs. I immediately loved its great appeal and fun factor
Sherry Deutsch
Teacher & Technology Director
South Euclid-Lyndhurst School District, Lyndhurst, OH
I really like the fact that I can use the tests in the program or customize my own tests. As a teacher, it gives me the tools I need to measure student progress and assign accurate grades.
Terry Kack
Computer Teacher/Software Programmer
Sylmar High School, Sylmar, CA
We needed a solid, educational-based, and entertaining typing program to offer our employees as part of AT&T's Professional Development Curriculum. Typing Instructor has been a perfect fit for us.
Rhonda Laporte
Professional Development Staff
AT&T, Atlanta, GA